swan vesta

“i am just too awesome for this world,” i saidknowing it would make you laughas i unscrewed the little aluminium vialthat hung from my handbag (still does, you know)where i keep the precisely 15 swan vestas that fit inside i struck one on the concretewhere we sat, indifferent to the consequencesabsorbed by the pleated tartan […]


you think that you can discern how things connect for me you see a shell opaque, and believe it structure but where it is held from inside deceives the eye and i, in truth, know as little as you, for my eyes point outward and cannot return on themselves, are blinded by amplitudes i cannot erase, […]

Scorpions in the Grass

It never ceases to amuse me that transmisiast false feminists persist in claiming the moral high ground of intellectual discourse while refusing utterly to engage the rest of society on a basis of equality and respect for the requirement of collaborating on mutually acceptable terms of discourse. There is no debate to be had here, […]

Invisible Girl

Reading a younger friend’s post about how she feels about her face this morning, I began thinking about how for trans women of my age, who transitioned relatively late in their lives, we often experience a sort of disconnect with our self-image. My young friend was expressing how bad she felt because she didn’t have […]

Posterous Content Imported

As of April 30th, Posterous has shut down, so I’ve backed up and imported all the content that I had on my personal blog there, which was formerly at gcvsa.posterous.com. All the content there was more or less creatively inclined, as opposed to the more controversial things I normally posted here on WordPress, and I […]

Blue Bell Knoll

I wish some mornings that I could forget the feeling of a true embrace. Those few moments between dream and wakefulness, when my body resonates with the profound loss of an unexpected love, are difficult to bear, alone as I have been for so long. …

yours, just the same

perhaps you believe that i do not see what you see do not know that my body is formed of shapes that rarely appear spontaneously in nature and i, walking, passing draw my lightly reddened lips to a thin crease staring at my telephone as if i did not notice the reflection there which was mirrored in your slightly horrified eyes (did […]

The Lotus & The Rose: The Ideal Wilderness, Water, Travel, and Kitchen Survival and General Utility Knife Set

8 September 2012 No tool is ideal for all tasks, but there are occasions when carrying an entire garage or shop full of tools is either impossible, or impractical, so we necessarily need to compromise when we are subject to the weight constraints …

Hijacking, a Legacy in Many Parts

30 March 2012 (originally posted to my Tumblr) I logged on to my computer this morning, and of a whim, I decided to check the tag for “#adrienne rich” here on Tumblr, because I am curious how the wider feminist community is handling the news of her death, since her legacy is so very problematic […]

Pro Choice

“The only reason why we worry about whether or not being homosexual or transsexual, or being in any other way in conflict with the normative strictures of sex and gender, constitutes a so-called “lifestyle choice” is because kyriarchal cultural standards dictate the semantic framework of our communications. Choice is a fundamental human right, and even […]

What Kind of Femme Are You?

13 February 2012 My friend from Tumblr, Amy Dentata, posted something kind of wonderful to her blog today. Here is my version… What Kind of Femme Are You? I am “say that to me again, and I’ll make you regret it” femme. I am “always walked this way, and always sat this way” femme. I […]