Bernie Sanders’ Race Problem

Senator Sanders needs to articulate his understanding of the fact that while economic injustice affects all people, it disproportionately affects people of color, and that remedies for economic justice must therefore take special interest in people of color.

We need better from Bernie than the same failed liberal policies of tax and spend, of treating symptoms instead of causes. We must institute systemic change from the ground up, not the top down, beginning with land access justice for people of color.

We must put capital and tools directly in the hands of those who need it most. The closer we get to helping marginalised people directly, trusting in our earned wisdom to know what most effects positive change in our lives, without holding us unduly accountable to unrealistic benchmarks that burden us with 100% of the risk involved in combatting a marginalisation that was forced upon us, the more and better changes we can create. We must value qualitative results more than quantified blame.

People of color do not need more highways and bridges, more grand scale infrastructure that primarily benefits the already wealthy and corporations that don’t create incomes for anyone but stockholders and executives. We need human scale infrastructure than supports walkable communities, sensibly compact communities, the rich heritage of communities of color, our communities.

People of color do not need free college; we need food security, income security, street safety, childcare, healthcare, revitalised elementary education, and decriminalisation–dismantling of the prison-industrial complex and the militarised police state which feeds it–long before we address the rising costs of a failing post-secondary education that again primarily benefits the already affluent.

You cannot and will not change an entrenched socio-cultural-economic system with a taxation system that is characterised far less by one’s ability to pay than it is by one’s ability to avoid payment.

– Gemma Seymour, 21 July 2015