I do not understand the sea; I think I never shall, But every time I stand upon her shore, I hear her spell She calls and I am bound to sail Upon her bosom’s breadth, But lack do I a worthy craft; Instead, I wear a shell. – Gemma Seymour, 13 July 2015

20 Years Ago: d8 Magazine

20 Years Ago, a small group of gaming enthusiasts in the Philadelphia area got together to publish a magazine that rather than focusing on the games themselves, instead focused on the culture surrounding role-playing games. That magazine was called “d8”, after the nomenclature of polyhedral dice that are ubiquitous in what are now termed “tabletop” […]

Everywhere you look there are people right in front of you whose pain is invisible to you, and whose lives you can change. If there is one thing I have learned, it’s that it can take only a single person to believe in you, to give you a chance, in order for your entire life […]

“Everybody starts out in life with baggage. But, some people start out with a backpack full of bricks, and others start out with a jetpack. Managing a jetpack isn’t easy, it’s hard work, but it’s silly to suggest that the jetpack isn’t going to take you a lot farther and a lot faster than a […]