Pro Choice

“The only reason why we worry about whether or not being homosexual or transsexual, or being in any other way in conflict with the normative strictures of sex and gender, constitutes a so-called “lifestyle choice” is because kyriarchal cultural standards dictate the semantic framework of our communications. Choice is a fundamental human right, and even […]

What Kind of Femme Are You?

13 February 2012 My friend from Tumblr, Amy Dentata, posted something kind of wonderful to her blog today. Here is my version… What Kind of Femme Are You? I am “say that to me again, and I’ll make you regret it” femme. I am “always walked this way, and always sat this way” femme. I […]

Size Isn’t Everything, Or Is It?

5 February 2012 As an INTP, I frequently find it frustrating that many things in this world seem to have been designed by committee in the worst sense of the word, rather than by someone pofessionally trained in Design, Engineering, or Architecture. The latest annoyance which has captured my attention is my kitchen, in particular, […]