Scorpions in the Grass

It never ceases to amuse me that transmisiast false feminists persist in claiming the moral high ground of intellectual discourse while refusing utterly to engage the rest of society on a basis of equality and respect for the requirement of collaborating on mutually acceptable terms of discourse.

There is no debate to be had here, no argument made which does not assume the validity of its own premise without the corroboration of sound reasoning. I have often read that the modern definition of the word, “asshole”, is a person who demands that all social interaction take place on their terms, rather than terms which are negotiated between all interested parties. While it is an amusing definition, what is far closer to the truth is that such people are more properly described by the term “sociopathic”, for which we now clinically use the diagnosis, “Antisocial Personality Disorder”.

Such people exhibit a complete inability to empathise with others, a lack of remorse over the consequences of their actions, a consistent objectification of other people, a constant willingness to attempt to manipulate the emotions of others for their own personal benefit. and a pathological attachment to propagating falsehood, among other traits generally recognised as incompatible with the sort of compassionate compromise which is the hallmark of responsible, reasonable, enlightened, educated, wise, and civically-minded people in every culture.

They persist in their zealotry, largely because their entire identities are formed by and bound up with a paranoid victimisation complex that is often self-generated, although it should be admitted that many of these women have suffered greatly at the hands of others.

They would deserve our pity, if it was not that they have turned to using the tools of kyriarchy to violent and lethal effect to assuage their frustration upon those who are even more marginalised than themselves, and it would be ironic if it were not for that those who are the targets of their rage are other women, some who they refuse to recognise as women, and others who they wrongly believe have been deluded by those they desire to place and imprison in a dehumanised, criminalised underclass, but who refuse to be cowed by their violence. They justify this behaviour by assuming for themselves identities which are, in their own estimation, categorically incapable of the impulse to dominate, oppression, and violence.

Sadly, while in general society, these women are largely ineffectual, the fact remains that they are usually highly privileged in class, credentials, and race, and embedded in women-centric academe and economy. They are usually strategically and tactically highly circumspect about revealing their loathing and hatred for other women and the ways in which they enforce their groundless belief system on the lives of other women. Within their limited spheres, they wield great power over the options and worldview available to many women. The damage they have inflicted upon society and the lives of women all over the world, particularly since the mid-1970’s, has taken decades to undo, but we are finally beginning to see that the tide has turned in favour of compassion, tolerance, and true understanding.

The moments when they reveal their hatred are rarer than we might wish, so take this opportunity to mark these names, and pass them along to your sisters. They are poisonous, vicious little scorpions in the grass, and the nature of a scorpion never changes. A scorpion will *always* sting you at the first opportunity. On the other hand, scorpions are quite fragile creatures, and easily crushed by the weight of logic and reason.