Stagione Estiva

Stagione Estiva (The Summer Season) a raw pasta or salad dressing by Gemma Seymour-Amper 9 December 2011  Serves 4 -ish* 80 ml (1/3 c.) extra virgin olive oil 4 anchovy filets 1/2 large shallot (~ 20 grams), peeled and sliced paper-thin 2 cloves garlic, peeled smashed and minced finely 24 red grape or small cherry […]

Tortilla Espagnole

Last night, I managed to make the best tortilla espagnole that I’ve ever made. I decided to go with the following proportions, which shall now be my standard. I have found that most restaurants tend to make their tortillas more dry and less eggy than I prefer, so if you are at all familiar with […]