Zero (Nothingness)

One (Singularity, Oneness, Agreement)

Two (Duality, Binary, Opposition)

Three (Trinity, Daughter/Sister/Mother, Maiden/Warrior/Crone)

Five (The Pentacle, The Elements, the beginning of schooling…elay, sweela, torz, hunti, coru…air, fire, water, soil, mineral)


Eight (Inanna, Ishtar, Astarte, Aphrodite, Venus Castina…The Compass, The Lotus, The Noble Eight-Fold Path)

Thirteen (Lunar Months, the beginning of adolescence)

Twenty-One (Majority, the beginning of adulthood)

The first eight numbers of significance in our lives. The path of growth. The pattern of nature.


And so through 




One Hundred Forty-Four (the twelfth number, which is twelve times twelve)

and beyond…


So many symbols…the star within the circle becomes the lotus. Meanings upon meanings within meanings…

Why do we revere symbols? Because they focus induction and intuition, that form of reasoning which the rational mind cannot fathom, control, or explain. Because they light the path beyond where our logic reliably predicts reality.