20 Years Ago: d8 Magazine


20 Years Ago, a small group of gaming enthusiasts in the Philadelphia area got together to publish a magazine that rather than focusing on the games themselves, instead focused on the culture surrounding role-playing games. That magazine was called “d8”, after the nomenclature of polyhedral dice that are ubiquitous in what are now termed “tabletop” or “pen(cil) & paper” role-playing games that originated with Dungeons & Dragons in the 1970s.

d8 was short-lived, but had a profound impact on the RPG industry that went far beyond what its producers ever expected. I am still proud to have served as the Director of Photography, as a Contributing Editor providing anime reviews, and as Assistant Graphic Designer, as well as the designer of our convention booth which appeared at Origins in Philadelphia, PA, and Gen-Con in Milwaukee, WI.

I won’t tag them, but the d8 team included Marketing Director and Fashion Stylist Deanna Stull, Creative Director and chief Graphic Designer David DeCheser, and Editors Joe Cirillo and Holly Black, with art contributors Joe Hasenauer, Theo Black, Eric Dinyer, Tony DiTerlizzi, Dave McKean, and many more, including editorial contributions from Steve Berman. d8 also featured original content by Barbara Manui and Chris Adams of Yamara fame, and Jolly Blackburn of Knights of the Dinner Table and editor of Shadis.