Gemma Catherine Seymour is a Usamerican, geolibertarian, atheist, and egalitarian INTP Generation X femme lesbian transsexual woman of (half)color and divorcée parent who occasionally suffers from the comedic delusion that she is the self-created Duchess of the county in which she was born, the Borough of Richmond, New York.

She displays an alarming tendency to bang upon objects in an effort to test their usefulness as musical instruments or as food substances.

She is a philosophe itinérant, écrivaine, jongleuse, and chef de cuisine/chef de plonge who resides somewhere in Maidenhead Locator System Grid FM29 on the planet Sol III when she is not traveling. She rides “goofy foot”, prefers to pirouette sunwise, and often indulges herself in ironic usage of the pluralis majestatis and Dramatic Capitalization.

Her unseemly fascination with languages in which she possesses an exceedingly low level of fluency and the accents of their native speakers often leads her to spontaneously emit embarrassing outbursts of spurious noise and/or indecipherably dense scrivening that she apparently intends as a primitive means of communication with other creatures.

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