Patatas Bravas

28 September 2011 I first encountered the concept of tapas at a restaurant called Pamplona in Philadelphia many years ago, and I immediately fell in love with Spanish food. Unfortunately for me, Pamplona soon went out of business, and it was many years before another tapas bar opened in Philadelphia, but every time there’s been […]

In Memoriam

“Peace be upon you this day, and upon all the face of the Earth, and let there be happiness all the days of our lives. Do not fear to love one another, even in the face of death, for love given shall be returned to you in uncounted ways.” – Gemma Catherine Viola Seymour, 11 […]

In Which Gemma Becomes the Target of a Ridiculous…I mean, Radical…Feminist Disinformation Campaign

6 September 2011 So, Zoe Ellen Brain brought to my attention earlier today the fact that I have been mentioned, and specifically, by a certain radical feminist blogger, who I will neither link nor name. The first because that entity can be responsible for that entity’s own promotion, and second because that entity is of […]