I do not understand the sea; I think I never shall, But every time I stand upon her shore, I hear her spell She calls and I am bound to sail Upon her bosom’s breadth, But lack do I a worthy craft; Instead, I wear a shell. – Gemma Seymour, 13 July 2015

swan vesta

“i am just too awesome for this world,” i saidknowing it would make you laughas i unscrewed the little aluminium vialthat hung from my handbag (still does, you know)where i keep the precisely 15 swan vestas that fit inside i struck one on the concretewhere we sat, indifferent to the consequencesabsorbed by the pleated tartan […]


you think that you can discern how things connect for me you see a shell opaque, and believe it structure but where it is held from inside deceives the eye and i, in truth, know as little as you, for my eyes point outward and cannot return on themselves, are blinded by amplitudes i cannot erase, […]