Pro Choice

“The only reason why we worry about whether or not being homosexual or transsexual, or being in any other way in conflict with the normative strictures of sex and gender, constitutes a so-called “lifestyle choice” is because kyriarchal cultural standards dictate the semantic framework of our communications. Choice is a fundamental human right, and even within the frame of reference delineated by kyriarchy, should be recognised as irrefutably valid when applied to self-identity. We choose, and live by, the words which are available to us, and we both embody and imbue their meaning, but the constructs by which we communicate are by no means an all-encompassing description of the reality of our Existence. Be true to your choices, and hinder not the choices of others concerning their rightful spheres.”

-Gemma Catherine Viola Seymour-Amper, 14 February 2012


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