What Kind of Femme Are You?

13 February 2012

My friend from Tumblr, Amy Dentata, posted something kind of wonderful to her blog today. Here is my version…

What Kind of Femme Are You?

I am “say that to me again, and I’ll make you regret it” femme.
I am “always walked this way, and always sat this way” femme.
I am “lost my stage fright at an early age” femme.
I am “yes, but this one goes to 12” femme.
I am “I’ve got a fuzzbox, and I’m not afraid to use it” femme.
I am “knows how to make it from scratch without a recipe” femme.
I am “keeps her knives sharp, and her wit sharper” femme.
I am “don’t call me ‘Sir’; I am not Peppermint Patty, and you are for damn sure not Marcie” femme.
I am “Be Prepared” femme.
I am “six-foot-six in heels” femme.
I am “not afraid to cry in public” femme.
I am “afraid to be truly alone” femme.
I am “yin-haan” femme.
I am “you really need to call me something other than Daddy when we’re in public, now” femme.
I am “never again will I pretend to be something I am not for your comfort” femme.
I am “you will never understand what I gave up to survive until this day” femme.

You know what to do, so keep it goin’…XOXO, Gemma

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