Crane & Co.

Last night, I found the folder in which I was keeping my paper samples with my fountain pen tests. As it turns out, the papers with which I was most pleased were, in fact, Crane & Co. papers. There were two samples which performed better than all others with a variety of inks, Crane’s Bond, and Crane’s Thesis Paper. I had also tested Crane’s Crest and Strathmore Writing Pure Cotton. Both of these papers were very similar in performance.

All three of the Crane & Co. papers are 100% cotton wove finish papers, but have varying degrees of hardness to their finishes. In order from softest to hardest, they are Crane’s Crest, Crane’s Bond, and Crane’s Thesis. Overall, the Crane’s Thesis paper performed best. All three are available in a 24 lb. weight.

Crane’s Crest is available in A4 size, but the others are not. Crane’s Bond is not available in White. Crane’s Thesis seems to be only available in US Letter size in retail packaging of 100 or 500 sheets, but I haven’t yet contacted Crane & Co. to find out if there are other sizes and packagings available.

What would be ideal, I think, is Crane’s Thesis in a 16 or 20 lb. weight, with a whiter color that the standard White. Perhaps if we end up selling alot of pages, we could persuade Crane & Co. to make us some custom paper, but for the time being, it looks like 500 sheet packs of Crane’s Thesis in 24 lb. weight in White are what we will be using.

I was also reminded that my favorite pen, my Pelikan Souverän M800 with the medium nib, is probably not suitable for fine work in diary pages, so I’ll have to get myself another Pelikan with a finer nib. I’d use my MC120, but it has a tendency to leak past the piston, so it’s no longer an everyday pen.