My Filofax Collection

My collection of Filofax binders began sometime back in the early to mid 1990’s with the acquisition of an A5 Windsor Filofax System Organiser (as the A5 size was called back then). This replaced a Day Runner Pro system which I had acquired back when I was a buyer for an artists supply store in the early 1990’s, so I was able to get it at wholesale pricing. I would have gone straight to Filofax at the time, but I didn’t have access to a Filofax distributor. I was never very satisfied with the Day Runner, even if their Pro system was quite a bit better than their standard system.

Day Runner was always the most common brand of personal organizer here in the US, with Filofax holding down a respectable, if distant, market share, but Filofax was always the best quality available. I lucked out when the local Pearl Paint store was blowing out their stock of Filofax FSO sets for half price.

I still have that Windsor, though the storage box and the rest of the FSO set has gone long missing. I used the Windsor as my primary organizer up until about two years ago (AFAIR), when I replaced it with a Filofax A5 Bridle binder that I found on eBay in brand new condition for a ridiculously low price. Currently, the Windsor binder is being used to showcase the new Paige Paigen organizer pages, with the original set of © 1992 1-12 numbered tabbed dividers still in place. The Windsor is still in good condition, but I’d like to acquire a brand new Filofax binder to really show the Paige Paigen products off to their best advantage.

My current Filofax collection consists of:

1. My primary organizer, the A5 Bridle, in black
2. The A5 Windsor binder
3. A Pocket Kensington in black that lives in my car, which is used to store the registration and insurance cards, as well as a vehicle mileage log and maintenance log
4. A Personal Buckingham in black, which I found at a T.J. Maxx store for about 12 USD years ago, minus the inserts (and which cost over 100 USD brand new, IIRC), not currently in use
5. A Deskfax (B5) Sandhurst in black, found on eBay for a low, low price, trying to work this into my daily life
6. A Deskfax Richmond in purple, another eBay find, which I’m not sure why I even possess…
7. A Deskfax Storage Binder, also from eBay
8. Metal hole punches in A5 and Deskfax sizes, which I’m afraid I may wear out, what with all the Paige Paigen prototyping I’ve been doing!

I also at one recent point purchased an A5 Finsbury in black, only because I found it on sale, but I gave that away to a happy home with an old college friend without ever using myself. Then there was the Kate Spade Personal binder that I passed up at T.J. Maxx last year for only 50 USD, and the entire batch of Filofax organizers in various sizes that turned up at Marshall’s this past holiday season that I successfully defended myself against.